Social Enterprise Consulting

Emma provides strategic planning and problem solving services to ventures of any size or structure aiming to make the world a better place through their business. A social enterprise does necessarily answer a specific social, economic, or environmental issue, rather a a social enterprise takes all three of those issues into consideration when plotting a course for sustainability, longevity, and productivity. This is often referred to as the People-Planet-Profit Triple Bottom Line. In other words, a Social Enterprise considers its stakeholders (employees, community at different scalar levels, etc) rather than focusing entirely on only shareholders.

Cannabis Specific

Emma provides consulting services on cannabis-related activities through Green Collar Consultants, LLC.

International Community Organizing

Emma works with a loose consortium of grassroots organizers, storytellers, fundraisers, attorneys, financial experts and managers to imagine and execute on innovative forms of community organizing outside of the traditional nonprofit model.

Nonprofit Consulting

US Based

Nonprofits are the backbone of how Americans engage their altruism. They are designed for a “charitable” purpose, for the public good (in the case of public nonprofits) or for a discrete group of people (in the case of mutual benefit nonprofits). Nonprofits are granted tax exempt status within their state of incorporation and the by the IRS if they are found to be fulfilling a public service (e.g. food shelves). The rules around nonprofit structure are clear, but the management of them is far from simple. Through experience and observation Emma has insights into how people can work together best to envision and achieve their shared goals.


Every country has its own rules, regulations, barriers and bonuses when it comes to creating an operating a nonprofit. With experience, and experienced local contacts, in Haiti, the Philippines, Nepal, Guatemala, and Greece, Emma has a perspective on how the global community can engage with local communities anywhere in the world. The interplay between US-Based nonprofit boards and local in-country boards is complex and heavily dependent on clear communication and sensitivity to cross-cultural points of possible misunderstandings.