Emma Weisman has an out of box with boots on the ground mentality, with passions ranging from hyper-local disaster response in the global south to the feminist impact of the modernist movement in British Literature. She brings common sense solutions to uncommon, even unheard of, scenarios.



Emma Weisman has a broad spectrum of experiences and skills stemming from her life experiences,  education, and work.

Born and raised in Vermont, Emma was privileged to travel extensively, but always on a budget, in the US, Canada, and abroad. She graduated from the Buxton School in 1999, and went on to earn a B.A. in English Literature at Kenyon College in 2003. She moved to San Francisco where she learned the ins and outs of small start-up social enterprise business at See Jane Run Sports where she started in floor sales, and moved into management, fashion buying and web sales. In 2006 Emma followed her itch to pursue an education in social justice, and went to work at a criminal law firm in Burlington, Vermont. She worked, applied to law schools, and left on a solo exploration of Guatemala. After some months in Guatemala, Emma moved to Eugene, Oregon to attend the University of Oregon School of Law. Her focus in law school was on human rights, which encompassed labor rights, refugee and asylum rights, international and domestic law, the history of human rights, and the less abstract study of contract law, business associations, and employment law. She was the Wayne Morse Intern with The Civil Liberties Defense Center and worked for the Tedesco Law Group, a union-side labor law practice.

After graduating and passing the Oregon Bar in the summer of 2010, Emma joined a small group of human rights oriented natural disaster responders in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Together they formed Haiti Communitere, a community resource center and working green technology showcase. After living in a tent for six months in Haiti, Emma returned to Vermont where she passed that Bar and took a job as Associate with the Johnson Law Group International, P.L.L.C., while serving as Secretary of the Board for Communitere, a position she still holds. Emma’s passion remained with the interdisciplinary work she’d started in Haiti, and in 2014 she joined Philippines Communitere in Tacloban, The Philippines, where she also volunteered as a management consultant for IDV.

For more information about Emma’s career and responsibilities please explore her résumé, or ask her directly by emailing emma.weisman@gmail.com or commenting on this weblog. For questions about Communitere please email emma@communitere.org.

In General

Emma is a dedicated autodidact, writer, and knitter. She has a passion for the interplay of art, culture, and geopolitics which she will explore and discuss at any length. Emma is an avid reader of history, long form journalism, and modernist novels. Like most people born and raised in Vermont, she loves exploring the outdoors by foot, ski, horse or bicycle. She also likes gardening and canning, cooking and eating, and being surrounded by nature and friends. .

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