Month: July 2019

Gearing Up to Leave Burning Man Project

I’m an open road kind of woman. Some people fear change, I fear… THE UNCHANGING!!! Dum dum duuuhhhmmmmmm!

This is one reason why I was so tickled when the Burning Man Project called me up and asked if I’d be interested in a long term contract: full employment benefits, and a ready-made end date in 18 months. I needed security, but I was shy of making a big commitment.

When I get frustrated with something petty at the office, I just think, “X more months to go!” Lately I’ve been feeling the acceleration, especially because now it’s 5 more months to go. They are making lovely, “we don’t want to lose you” sounds, and I’m very curious to see what they present to me, but I’m also feeling ready to step away, into the great What’s Next.

I was brought in to add capacity to the Government Affairs team (which is small but mighty), as the Burning Man Project (or the “BORG”, as I like to call it) underwent an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) with the Bureau of Land Management, Winnemucca Field Office. That process is over, and now the BORG must process the process, and live with its dictates for the next 10 years.

In 10 years I will be knocking on the door to 50, and I am so deeply thankful that I have NO CLUE what I’ll be working on then, except I’m confident it’ll be something that makes me smile when I try to explain it. Because that’s my one big requirement: It’s gotta make me smile. Second requirement is I have to feel like I’m contributing in a meaningful way*, using my varied skill sets. So far under the belt I’ve been, among other things, a buyer for a women’s athletic boutique, a lawyer, an international aid worker, an international NGO founder (Communitere family), an Ops Director, a sungrown cannabis farm manager, a business consultant, a Director on two different international boards (Limitless Horizons Ixil, Communitere Intl) and the Agency Relations Manager for the Burning Man Project

What do they have in common? Please let me know. Right now I’m workshopping the resume, going on the informational interview circuit, hiring a graphic designer for this website, looking for a headshots photog, and experiencing a new career coach. Happily, all of these folx are in my network, because there is nothing more rewarding than working with my badass friends.

Where next? Lemme know what you think!?!? Got something cool going on? Let me know. I’m global mobile (but I do really love Oakland a lot).


*In the fight for equity and access